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Your emotions control how you think, feel, behave and the actions you take. They also affect your bodies and are the foundation to understand yourself and others. The capacity to feel and manage emotions is a must. Emotions have a profound influence on your everyday life. They affect the choices you make and shape your life and destiny. The most important aspect of your mental health is to learn to manage your emotions. When you are aware and in control of them, you can think clearly and communicate well with others. Emotional intelligence is the first step to understand and use them for creative purposes.

Dealing with Emotions

I would like to share with you the most common emotions. Start learning to identify each and its meaning.

passive agressive anger

Passive Aggressive Anger

Anger is a normal and healthy human emotion. It should not therefore be a problem because it is a natural response to a threat or danger and allow.
emotinonal books

Dealing with Denial

Dealing with denial is probably one of the most difficult things that one has to face. Denial is a state where a person refuses to admit
emotion quotes

Anger Management Online Course

Anger Class Online includes recent advances in neuropsychology and cognitive-behavioral science. Anger destroys relationships over time both at home and work.


The 9 basic human emotions can be classified as primary, secondary and tertiary.

types of emotions

Types of Emotions

Researchers on emotions mostly agree on the existence of two types of emotions.
definition of basic emotions

Definitions of Basic Emotions

Paul Ekman states that there are three meanings for the term "basic"

Negative Emotions

More Types of Emotions

What is Fear?, what do you Fear?, Fear of rejection and more...



Is an abnormal and overwhelming sense of ...


Is defined as a strong feeling of displeasure...


Discover How to Manage your Anxiety to Transform you Life. Learn about this common, yet often overlooked disorder right now ...

dealing with emotions

Dealing With Emotions

Learn how to use different techniques for ...
emotinonal books

Emotional Books

Ready to download...
emotion quotes

Emotion Quotes

Anger, Fear, Jealousy, Anxiety and more...

We all have emotional needs

In most cases these needs are for certainty: stability about food, shelter and material things. Needs for Significance: looking for recognition from others. And, needs for connection to a person, a sense of identity, values and ideas. In dysfunctional families these emotional needs are not meet. To become conscious about your emotions is the first step for change. People find ways to fulfill these emotional needs in negative or positive ways. When you have an emotion you respond to that feeling. Learn more about emotions and feelings. Transform your emotional states and feelings to turn pain into power and take better decisions to live a happier life.

More About Emotions

theories of emotions

Theories of Emotion

The 7 major theories of Emotions! Read More ...

Theory of Emotion

Theory of Emotion

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emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is fundamental for .. Read More ...