Aromatherapy for Depression: What you need to know

Depression is a common disorder where the people involved lose appetite that leads to weight loss or sometimes experience increase in appetite that leads to weight gain. Either way, the people involved eventually feels extreme sadness to the point that their self worth slowly diminishes.

Depression has many causes – from exposure to chemicals, hormonal imbalances and even a side effect from medication. These days, alternative medicine offers natural ways in fighting and preventing depression from haunting your loved one. How does aromatherapy work in preventing Depression?.

How does aromatherapy help mental health? Aromatherapy uses essential oils for an array of mental, physical and emotional health.  Aromatherapy is not about pleasant smells. Aromatherapy is currently used worldwide to manage  chronic pain, depression, anxiety, some cognitive disorders, insomnia and stress-related disorders.

With the help of essential oils, aromatherapy for depression induces the patient to let go of stress and relax that leads to the prevention of depression symptoms. For mild to moderate depression cases, aromatherapy can be used without support systems and still guarantee that mental fatigue will be eased to encourage relaxation and sleep to the patient. Emotions and sense of smell always come together.

By simply inhaling the scents of the essential oils, it can easily create better moods and a higher level of positivity. When blended with body massage materials, the essential oils create a soothing fragrance that works to uplift the mood of the patient. For the cases of severe depression however, clinical treatment is necessary and aromatherapy for depression can be used as the support system.

What are the Common Essential Oils used in Depression Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy for Depression uses over 100 essential oils. It has properties that not only help in relaxation but are used in other functions as well. Some are used for better digestion and improving diuretic properties. It is necessary for essential oils to be naturally-made. Although oils made of synthetic materials are being used these days, it is important that you use natural essential oils that contain life force from plants they were extracted from. If you want to undergo aromatherapy, you must know the type of seeds that address your needs. Here are some types of essential oils that are advisable to use in aromatherapy.

Sandalwood  . It is one of the essential oils that is primarily used in addressing obsessive impulses and behavioral problems. Its scent is effective in calming those bad energies and create a peaceful environment for the patient to relax in.
Ylang Ylang Essential . This essential oil is best used for patients who have problems related to insomnia. Ylang- ylang scent is considered to be a relaxant material that induces quality sleep for the patient.
Rose Petal  . This essential oil is commonly used in aromatherapy for depression when the patient deals with problems with the nervous system. Rose oil scent is best in boosting positive moods and reducing the patient’s risk of anxiety attacks.
    1. Lavender  . This essential oil is also primarily used for patients who have nervous system related illnesses. It is perfect to use in body massage since lavender oil has natural components that offers suitable relief for stress related pains and headaches.
Other essential oils that you can choose from are bergamot, cedar wood, and chamomile. In using these oils for aromatherapy, you can either vaporize, mix in bath or combine it with sun flower oil for body massage purposes.

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