Books On Overcoming Envy

books on envy

Envy is an emotion that is related to social comparisons. Envy consist of many different elements like feelings of inferiority, guilt, resentment, longing and ill will. Envy occurs when a person believes that having what other person have will increase their happiness.  

What envy feels like? envy feels like “unhappiness” about the success of someone else , about what they have and you do not, about feeling inferior. An envy person think that is “unfair” for other people to have what they do not have, so instead of improving themselves they wish the other person would lose that possession to make things fair.

List of books to overcome envy

ENVY: A Theory of Social Behaviour 

Professor Schoeck elucidates both the constructive and destructive consequences of envy in social life. He demonstrates that not only the impetus toward a totalitarian regime but also the egalitarian impulse in democratic societies are alike in being rooted in envy.

Life Without Envy: Ego Management for Creative People 

If you are tired of feeling frustrated, anxious, tired of comparing yourself to others, feeling invisible, inadequate, taken advantage of or misunderstood , this book is for you.  In this book  you’ll find strategies for escaping the negative feedback loop you get stuck in whenever you compare yourself to your fellow artists. You will begin to understand that your worth has nothing to do with your work. You’ll begin to resolve your hunger for recognition, shifting your mindset from “proving yourself” .

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