Communication for Stopping Jealousy: How to save your Relationship


Jealousy is that green eyed monster that lurks in the corner of every relationship. It can turn a happy companionship to a worst nightmare if not kept in check. Every girl feels, in some way, territorial over their partners.

Every girl feels, in some way, territorial over their partners. Any signs of threat and these girls are sure to stand up, ready to defend their territories. One of the responsibilities of the male partner is to reassure the girl that there is no other girl. But what if that doesn't seem enough for her? .

One of the common complaints of guys in a relationship is when the girl repeatedly gets jealous for baseless things. Before you complain why your girl reacts for nothing, ask yourself, maybe you’re manifesting actions she does’t usually see from you. Have you talked to her why she’s being jealous?. Every relationship goes under some sort of tests and jealousy is one of them. Keeping an open communication for stopping jealousy is an important factor to save your relationship from falling apart. Here are some tips to stop being jealous.

  1. The first step in communicating to prevent jealousy is recognizing the fact that you are jealous. Assess why you feel that way. Do the people surrounding you make you feel insecure about your relationship?. Is your man not reassuring you of your position in his life?. Whenever you feel stabs of jealousy slowly coming in, stop for a while and don’t let your emotion get the better of you. Understand the factors that make you feel that way. You can talk to your partner about it. The key to stopping jealousy is recognizing what causes it and opening communication lines is moving one step forward to keep it in check.

  2. To better control jealousy, you must have high confidence about yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror. Pamper yourself with cosmetics and shopping. Don’t let your worries show in your face. Make yourself beautiful. Once you feel beautiful inside, you will seldom find reasons to get jealous.

  3. Do not take on the hobby of comparing yourself to other girls. You are your own unique self. It may seem like other girls are living a perfect life, understand that everybody goes through the same problems and they’re probably facing a more difficult challenges than you. Be thankful with what you have and focus on the positive things in your life.

  4. The next tip in keeping open communication for stopping jealousy is stop looking over his past girlfriend’s photos to see who’s prettier. Aside from it is pointless routine to do, keep in mind that your partner is yours. He’s with you and that’s enough proof that you are more beautiful than anybody else.

  5. The last tip in keeping an open communication for stopping jealousy is to understand that being jealous can be in no way beneficial to you. Not only will it stress you out, it can strain your relationship with your man. If his female officemates make you feel insecure, casually mention it to him. Don’t go about accusing your man of something you are not sure of. Enjoy every time you spend with him. Never let jealousy ruin your relationship.