Dealing with Frustration, Working for Your Happiness

Dealing with Frustration

The result of rightfully dealing with frustration is happiness. In this regard, the equivalence of dealing with your frustration is working for your happiness. Frustration is happiness frustrated. It can be about friendship, love or about a dream that is not obtained. All the same, frustration comes in one face – that of sadness.

This discussion deals with ways people can use to turn frustration to happiness, of turning reasons to be sad to reasons to be ecstatic about the goodness of living. As a preliminary, it is assumed that this discussion is all about living, only that life is marred by some reasons to feel frustrated.

Frustration is a given fact and therefore the wise know very well that to accept it into life and to live with it the best way to deal with. It goes to say that when you feel frustrated, learn to accept that it is a way of life. Somewhere it is said that you have to enjoy life as far as you can for man’s life is replete with gnashing of teeth – that is full of frustration.

The road that people travel is a road filled with challenges and the wise only know how to overcome. Enjoy life for as long as good things are coming. The dark days are sure to come and you need to prepare for them.

Frustration episodes can be deemed as steps to goals. Frustration is a feeling over defeat or hopes gone by. To many, frustrating events are ends that open no new doors. To the prudent, frustration events are events of recuperation, of renewing strength.

That is precisely the function of unpalatable events in people’s lives. These are challenges that challenge one to keep on moving even in the face of despair, of hopelessness. Feelings of frustration are there to make victory events taste all sweeter.

Frustration can come in so many ways: a child seeing his balloon popped, a high school students inability to make it to the roll of excellence, a beau losing his bride-to-be to another man, a man losing his job or a country’s president getting involved in a corruption issue.

These are faces of frustration and there’s just seems to be no running away from it. The best that can be done is “do” a face-to-face encounter with it. This is the bravest way to dealing with frustration.

After your encounter with frustration, it would be wise to do a follow-up blow to it. Follow your bravery with thought of hope. Hoping for a better tomorrow for you and for all that you have worked for is a consequence of your trying to decapitate frustration. Build your hope on a solid foundation. Provide this new hope with a better road to travel on. Prepare a way for your renewed dream with the lessons learned in the past.

Forget your moments of frustration. Don’t let episodes of frustration keep you from reaching new heights. Live on. This is the best way to dealing with frustration.

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