Emotion of Guilt



Guilt is defined as culpability especially for imagined offenses or from a sense of inadequacy . Guilt tell us that we have violated one of the most highest standards in our lie and that we have to do something about it.

We can feel guilt when we say "no", overeat, feel angry, go first , stand up for ourselves, ask for help, don't meet somebody's expectations, cheat and so on.

The main message is :"I did wrong". Guilt leads to shame , depression and anxiety , self-pity, is waiting for punishment.

How guilt affect your life

Guilt fill your life with negative emotions, and make you feel powerless. Feeling guilt can make you feel useless and worthless, and responsible for everything that goes wrong.

Guilt affects not only your mental health but also your physical health promoting headaches, stomach disorders, and exhaustion. If we try to run from our guilt, immersing ourselves in work or doing something else , we will pay a price. Eventually our bodies will force us to slow down. It also causes inability to relax, irritability, blaming and outburst of temper.

Guilt can make feel responsible for others and do anything to make everyone happy. Guilt immobilize you because of your fears to do something wrong. Guilt interfere in your decision making, your fear of choosing wrong makes you unable to make a decisions in life.

Steps for overcoming Guilt

  1. For overcoming guilt you have to recognize that you feel guilty.
  2. Learn from your experience. Think if your guilt comes from not fulfilling other's expectations, or you really did something wrong. Or maybe you betray yourself by not doing something you decided to do, etc.
  3. If it is hard for you to let go of the past there is a great self hypnosis download: Help your mind let go of the past . If the past creeps up on you something needs to change. You can't change the past but you can change how you feel about it. When you feel more relaxed about things that happened in the past then you get more freedom to enjoy the present and the future. Letting go of the past means being able to imagine things going well for you in the future, and not expecting the rest of your life to be a reflection of past events.
  4. Try Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a release technique to help to get rid or your negative emotions. All you have to do is apply this technique method. Learn how to acquire those skills. Get started learning how to be positive and happy all the time. Also check Self-hypnosis Techniques for overcoming guilt.It helps to relax and control your mind and thoughts.You replace negative emotions with positive emotions and thoughts.


Guilt provides an opportunity for growth. You can learn a lot from the past and your childhood, about your sense of worthiness and your pleasing behaviors. The key element for overcoming guilt is self-forgiveness. Forgive yourself and create more self-love and acceptance and less anxiety in your life.

Do you carry feelings of guilt for something you did or fail to do?. You acted according to your level of consciousness or rather unconsciousness at that time. Guilt is another attempt to the ego to create an identity. The ego personalizes it and says: I did that, so you carry a mental image of yourself as that. Eckhart Tolle. From Stillness Speaks