Emotion of Jealousy



Jealousy is defined as thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that occur when a person believes a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival.

Jealousy involve emotions like pain, anger, rage, sadness, fear and humiliation. Protective jealousy is an alert that something is wrong in the relationship. But when it becomes toxic can be devastated.

How jealousy affect our lives

Jealousy stops growth in a relationship because comes from insecurity and lack of communication . If there is insecurity and no communication there is no intimacy in the relationship.

If there is no intimacy in a relationship there is no trust and no genuine love. The relationship becomes a way of manipulating the other person.

Steps to overcome jealousy

  1. Own your feelings. This is the most important step to overcome jealousy. You have to be aware of your jealousy. Express your own feelings.
  2. Work on your insecurity . Learn the difference between observation and interpretation. Observation is a fact. (my husband has been talking to that women since we got here). Interpretation is what you think the observation means.(my husband is flirting with that women since we got here). Try: overcoming insecurity or overcoming jealousy
  3. Building self esteem and confidence is the key.


Jealousy is a sign of low self esteem because is based on insecurity. Learning to overcome jealousy is a process that will help anyone to live a more fulfilling and happy life.