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James Papez described The Papez circuit ,a neural pathway in the brain was involved with emotions.

James Papez (1883-1958) was an American neuroanatomist. He received his MD from the University of Minnesota College of Medicine and Surgery. He is most famous for his 1937 description of the Papez circuit which is a neural pathway in the brain thought to be involved in the cortical control of emotion.

Papez research is based on brain areas related to emotions. The relationship between activity of the brain and motivation and behavior. The hypothalamus governs the expression of emotions.

The Papez Circuit

The Papez circuit is a neural pathway in the brain that is involved with emotions. Since the circuit's discovery, many experiments have been conducted to explore the system and how its structures work together. The Papez circuit was later modified by Paul D. MacLean and now, the circuit is known as the limbic system. .[2]


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