Love is a Choice

love is a choice

It has been proven time and again that there is no perfect relationship. All couples go through a rough period and sometimes it makes one wonder how a relationship that started so beautifully can become so damaged. Losing a relationship can be frightening and you would want to do everything to save it.

The good news is that there is no relationship that cannot be saved if there still exists between partners the great love that brought them together in the first place. When things are not going well in your relationship, choosing love over other things will definitely motivate you to work on it.

Love is a choice you should consciously make everyday of your life. You should learn how to control your emotions and love is one of the more important human emotions. Love is the basis of a long and lasting relationship. It doesn’t go away just because you are having problems in the relationship at the moment. You may be having your differences but it does not mean that you love each other any less.

It is normal to be sometimes angry or irritated with your partner over some trivial matters such as you don’t like the way he/she spends money, dresses, cleans the house, or talk. It is so easy to respond with anger and resentment in these situations but you also know that these will only lead to trouble in the relationship.

You just try to be understanding and patient and learn to let go of things that you can actually let go of. It is not worth picking up a fight over trivial matters. It really is not worth the time and the effort. Successful relationships are those that are built on love and respect. There should be no room for anger and resentment if what you want is a loving relationship.

Some say that arguments are necessary to make a relationship healthy and are necessary in making it a success. However, if arguments and conflicts can be avoided, why not make the relationship stress free? Nothing is wrong in avoiding anger, bickering or getting into serious fights with each other. However, suppressing anger is more dangerous which can cause one partner to just explode one day. It is also very necessary to learn how to healthily express anger and disappointments.

Love is a choice that a person makes to make the relationship pleasant, peaceful and romantic. While it is true that anger can creep into it once in a while, it is meant to be just a temporary thing. It is easier to find closure and move on from a disagreement if you learn to handle anger and fight fairly. Finally, remember to give more love in order to have more love.

This means that love should not be subjective with regards to your partner. You should love your partner in totality, warts and all. You should be willing to accept even his faults and failures. Love is a necessary component of a happy and lasting relationship.

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