3 Methods To Identify Your Emotions

Emotions are part of people’s life. Everything that each person does, he would feel an emotion toward it. As people are different and unique from one another, they also elicit and show diverse emotions. They also have a different way of expressing these emotions depending on the situation.

According to Dr. Maurice Elias, emotions are people’s warning signals to know what is happening to them. Emotions are people’s most dependable symptoms to know what is going on in a person’s life. Moreover, emotions also comprise of different intellectual and mental faculties such as one’s memory, reason, perception and thought. Hence, the inconsistencies of the emotions that people express.

Nevertheless, a person should bother with his emotions because one’s emotions have the capacity to control the way a person thinks, the way he behaves and also the way he acts. One’s emotions also affect his physical state the same way as how a person’s body affects his thinking and feelings. Some people are not fully aware that repressing their emotions can lead to certain illnesses.

What they do not know is that emotions that are repressed and are not fully expressed may even lead to serious cases such as having cancer and other chronic illnesses. The reason is because when a person experiences unpleasant emotions such as frustration, depression or fear, these emotions in turn elicit a different chemical reaction in his body that is totally different from the chemical reaction that is elicited when a person experiences pleasant emotions such as happiness, love or contentment.

Getting in touch with your own emotions and being able to recognize them and to know the proper way to release them is very important. One should be aware that other people and material things cannot change your emotions. Meeting new people or possessing new things can give you a temporary distraction or a different emotion but they still cannot change how you feel permanently.

A person also cannot change his emotions so it still boils down to how you keep up with your emotions, whether they are positive or negative. Accepting these emotions, recognizing them and releasing them is a way to manage your emotions.

With all these, how can one effectively recognize his emotions and how can one release them? The most essential thing is being able to identify one’s emotions. In order to do so, there are 6 methods to identify your emotions. A pivotal element to start identifying your emotions is being aware.

The first method is to be aware of listening to your daydreams and thoughts. Daydreaming is a normal part of a person’s everyday life. It is, in fact, a constant aspect in people’s mind. As a person daydreams, constant thoughts are made. So you should make use of them efficiently by holding onto these thoughts and keeping them into your conscious. Write them down in a journal or a diary so that you will understand your thought patterns more and to attain awareness of them at a higher level.

Another method to identify your emotions is to recognize all the pain and hurt you have in yourself, even the unimportant ones. People are unaware but even the smallest and oldest pain that they have experienced can still affect them. Repressing these pains and hurt and unrecognizing their existence can create hardships with the self and even with one’s health. So identifying these pains will help you know why such emotions exist as they could actually stem from repressed emotions before.

Furthermore, recognizing the indifference between what you say and what you do is another method. People have a tendency to agree to something that they actually do not want to do. Hence, they end up being depressed, sad and mad toward the people around them that made them agree to it. Having this kind of thought may even result to having unpleasant feelings toward other people. If you are the type of person who has a hard time saying no, this specific method is especially for you. Emotions from these situations are essential to know how you handle your emotions.

The next method is crying as it is a natural form of releasing emotions for every human being. Through crying, a person can release all the hurt, stress and pain that he is feeling which is very helpful in expressing one’s emotions. If you are the type who is spiritual and believes strongly in your faith, then another method you can do is to ask for guidance and help from the divine collective energy. Ask them to help you not only to feel your emotions but also to be able to identify the core reasons on why you experience these emotions. The last method is to write down your positive emotions. It is important not only to identify your negative emotions but also to identify and recognize the existence of your positive emotions because there should always be a balance in one’s emotional state.