Practical ways to love yourself in Valentine's Day!

love yourself in valentines day

The key to loving yourself is not about what you do, but how you think and feel about yourself. Our thoughts and feelings drive our behaviors. Therefore, having loving thoughts about yourself will manifest the loving behaviors you are looking for toward yourself. But how can you start loving yourself?. Here are some ideas:

The first step is letting go of your negative self-concept, beliefs, guilt and shame. Freeing yourself from this negative thoughts and emotions will help you create a different relationship with yourself.

How do you free yourself from negative emotions?. What are the most dangerous negative emotions?:Anger , shame , anxiety and jealousy. Why? According to Web Med some effects of depression include:

  1. Feeling sad, empty, hopeless, or numb.
  2. Irritability or anxiety
  3. Feeling guilty or worthless

When you are depressed you might also feel shame, resentment, fear and anger. Unexpressed anger is one of the most powerful negative emotions, it can create a lot of problems in your life. On the other hand jealousy can lead to physical and emotional distress, it can also lead to physical or verbal abuse in a relationship.

How to deal with negative emotions

Some coping strategies to deal with negative emotions include:

  • Accept what you are feeling, sometimes we can't avoid feeling it so do not deny it. Look for ways to feel better.
  • Relax - Use relaxation techniques, meditate, read , walk or talk to a friend.
  • Notice how the negative emotion make you feel. For example, notice how anger makes you feel and what event has triggered your anger. You can always learn a lesson or a message
  • Practice Physical Exercise
  • Let go of the past - To let go of the past you have to solve your unresolved wounds that are triggering your negative emotions in the present moment.

Where to get help

Another ways to love yourself could be:

  • Doing nothing. Spend a day just relaxing and enjoying. We are so used to do and do that this pattern becomes an excuse to deny our life and feelings.
  • Clean up your home, make it shine and then sit for a few minutes and enjoy the environment.
  • Learn to say no, stop sacrificing yourself in order to please other people.
  • Nourishing and caring for your body. This action includes eating healthy food and exercising regularly.
  • Give yourself a massage, a facial a beauty treatment. Buy new clothes.
  • Finally, focus on your goodness, your gifts, qualities, strengths and achievements.
  • Have compassion for yourself regarding your weaknesses, stresses, and tribulations. Therefore forget yourself for all your mistakes