3 Easy Steps to a Better and Happier Life

Everybody wants to live a happy life and get rid of all the negativity. It might be easier said than done. We are only human and we are more prone to succumb to negative feelings especially when things are not going the way we expect it should be.

But being happy and positive is really a matter of choice. If you decide to be positive, you can find something to be happy about in every situation, whether it is good or bad. If you want and choose to be happy then you can be.

3 Steps to a Better and Happier Life:

#1: Choose to be happy.

Like what was mentioned before, being happy is a matter of choice. Choose to look at the positive things in negative situations. Because in looking for positive things, you gain hope no matter how little that positive thing is.

Getting rid of all the negativity is a key to happiness. If you are surrounded by people who are negative, try to distance yourself from them. Aside from outside negative influence, you should also refrain from thinking negative things. Negative thoughts can limit you and what you can do.

#2: Build your self esteem.

Self esteem is how you view yourself. People with high self esteem see themselves as a person worthy of good things. They have confidence in who they

are and what they can do. So, essentially, they are happy people.

People with high self esteem do not compare themselves to others. They focus all their energy to better their own life. As they are less critical of others, they are able to forge honest and open relationships with them. They imbibe happiness in everything they do and do not dwell too much on their weaknesses and limitations.

#3: Take care of your mind and body.

Leading a healthy life can also make you happy. A healthy mind can help you overcome stressful situations and negative feelings. While a healthy body can make you feel good about yourself. People who do not like how they look and who get stressed easily are seldom happy and fulfilled.

Get fit and exercise regularly. Exercising gives you a sense of pursuing a goal. Achieving that set goal gives you a sense of accomplishment. Make your life more interesting and rewarding by continuing to improve yourself.


Life is for us to take. How we choose to live it is up to us. We should not be threatened by the things that we can not control. Instead, face it with a smile and do everything we can to deal with that situation. Also, we should not blame other for the things that we can control. Instead, improve yourself and avoid excuses.

Life is not all rainbows and candies all the time. It is designed to be challenging at times so that we can develop and improve ourselves so we can overcome the future. Life is too precious to be whiled away in sadness. So, smile and choose to be happy.