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Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to TheEmotions.com. Our mission is to provide helpful and expert information to our readers. If you are an expert on emotions or a researcher you are welcome to send your article.

The Article submition is FREE. We publish articles on a wide variety of topics within the subjects on Emotions. The articles must be between 400-1,500 words and must be relevant to the topics on Emotions.

Any article submition can be rejected if it contain a lot of links in the text, single pages to sell products, too short or there is missing information about the article in the submition form. Also sites dealing with Gambling,Casinos, Drugs/Medications, Pornography/Adults material. We reserve the right to refuse to publish articles that are inappropriate to our site.

By submiting your article you declare that you are the sole owner and author of the article and own 100% of all copyrights. You will retain all rights and copyrights to your article. You are giving permission to The Emotions to publish your article on our website. We agree to include your bio at the end of your article. No other use is implied or granted.

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