What is Love?


What is love? It certainly is a very difficult question to answer simply because of its immensity. The dictionary meaning though is that love is an attachment or affection for someone or something. Love means different things to different people. Its depths could not be measured such as a mother's love to her child.

It simply has no boundaries and is capable of changing lives. People may not be able to define it but they certainly know that they need it in their lives because it satisfies a human being's emotional needs. Love satisfies the needs of man to be appreciated and wanted.

For some people, love could be the greatest feeling in the world. They might be referring to one kind of love though, which is romantic love. However, other kinds of love do exist and knowing them could bring one to an appreciation of what love really is.


This is the kind of love that is included in Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs. It is this kind of love that is important for man to survive. Some say it is the love that parents have for their child. It is said that the need to love and be loved is so strong that there are people who actually died of a “broken heart”. They may have lost the will to live in the absence of love in their lives.


A kind of love between opposite sexes that is platonic, open, honest and with no romantic or sexual involvement. It may actually have all the elements of a romantic love like loyalty and commitment except for romance and sex. There have been many debates on whether a man and a woman can actually be just friends but in this modern world, it is not impossible to happen.


As opposed to platonic love, it is a kind of love that involves emotional and physical desires but there is more emphasis in the emotional aspect than the physical gratification one can get. It is the kind of love that causes an ache in the stomach or strange emotions felt when someone you have affection for suddenly enters the room. Many people experience many instances of romantic love while others may spend their whole lives searching for one.


This is the kind of love that is pure, knows no bounds and is meant to be forever. It is loving a person no matter what the circumstances are. They say that this is the kind of love that you experience when you finally meet the one you were destined to be with.

What is love? In the search for an answer to this question, we can also look to the bible to see love in another aspect. The bible says that love is from God; in fact it states there that “God is love”. There are also two translations of the English word love in the bible and these are: AGAPE-it means affection, goodwill and benevolence PHILEO-it means to love in an emotional or impulsive way.

Love indeed makes the world go round or so the song goes. Money, power and fame can only go so far as moving forces in people's life. Love can literally set even the universe in motion.

Love and intimacy baffle. What can be done at best is to relate man’s observation about them and to reflect on them. They are two inseparable concepts; at least that’s how many see it. Love is not consummated without the expression of intimacy. Intimacy, on the other hand, thrives in a place where there is love.